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to their allies in the collision. this comes as concerns grow about the role america will have in maintaining a no-fly zone over libya, and for how long. >> we will have a military role, but not the preeminent role. >> gates says the u.s. expects to relinquish control of the mission in a matter of days. we have up-to-date information. for the latest, go to and visit the link on the homepage. smoke is rising from two tsunami-damaged reactor's in japan and is causing workers to pull back. it comes after the health ministry advised a village about 20 miles from the plan not to drink tap water due to elevated levels of iodine. still, says the government, radiation levels were still too small to pose an immediate health risk. >> spring officially began last night and we're getting wet today. the showers have moved out of the area, but we did get what with the morning commute. the cold front has not clear the area yet. there is still a chance we could see a little rain activity. the current temperatures are in the 50's now. in the 60's today, 60-65. and we cannot rule out a passing shower. it
of america's next great restaurant. >> it is a little cold. in the fall forecast is just ahead. it is only 33 degrees so far. >> high pressure is sitting just to our north. cold air, dry air, though it is sunny out there. to the west is a weather system. at the moment, it is trying to run into the high pressure. we are in great shape for a while. the minute this goes away, the stuff out west comes in. let's look at some of these cold temperatures. annapolis, 30, 32, cambridge. it is just above freezing in parton. it is in the upper 20 posole in oakland. everyone is in the same -- the in oakland. everyone is in the same cool conditions. you can see these streamers in the clouds. that is the cold air coming out of the north. here is that area of high pressure. there is a low pressure system spinning over the maritime provinces of canada. part of the disturbance out in the west reaches into the mountains. this will eventually soak us down for the weekend. it will warm us up too. today, 38-43 for the high. north-northwest winds at 10-15. it is only 32 now, so it may be tough to get up there. smal
that of the present -- professionals in central and south america, and caribbean, to help thousands in need. part of the mission is building relationships with country before disaster strikes. >> knowing that you are going to heal and provide comfort, it is hard to put into words, but it is gratifying just seeing the look in their face. knowing that they have good care and they have no worries. >> as of now, the comfort is not good will to be deployed to japan. a man is under arrest after a narcotics bust in glen burnie. thomas satyr field faces charges of possession with intent to distribute. police say detectives executed a warrant and discovered 200 grams of marijuana, 97 ecstasy and ocsla code on palace, a handgun, and nearly six to $300 in cash in his home. police arrest a man they say attack his mother and then set her home on fire. jordan jenkins choked his mother until she passed out. then he said her clothing and bedroom on fire. in criticaled condition with burns to her face and arms. jenkins faces several charges including murder. stephanie rawlings blank faces charges on funding issue
debate is a vote expected on the debt ceiling, and whether or not america can continue to pay off its debt as we get close to the limit. experts say it could happen in a month. >> the following new zealand's deadly earthquake, rescue crews are still searching for the missing, but one piece of good news came from the tragedy -- historic documents have been discovered inside of a statue that toppled. the mayor of christchurch says there was a hand-written document to >> that will be, i hope, a symbol of our attention to re-in which the condition of our father of -- founders -- to understand their words, and to honor, not just those who founded this place, but those who have given their lives. >> museum experts are examining what was inside. there is still much more to come. a family is safe after being stuck in the snow. how they passed the time. also, details on how you can save a few bucks on your medication. we are here to answer your plants and garden in questions. -- plant and gardening questions. >> clear skies are expected over the next couple of days because of b why is roman me
on to tripoli itself. >> where is america, where is great britain? what they should do is come here and how widespread what they are doing now is not considered how it will help would be to give us weapons. >> overnight, gaddafi's forces have managed to drive the rebels further away from sirte, gaddafi's hometown. he has created a military rank our round s -- ring around sirte and without more western military intervention, they will not be able to drive up our forces f -- drive forces from sirte. prison >> and, makes his case for u.s. and -- >> president obama makes his case for u.s. involvement in libya. kate amara is in washington with more on his speech and what comes next not -- what comes next. >> president obama announced that nato will take over command and control of the entire operation in libya on wednesday. as allied air attacks continued to pound muammar gaddafi's forces across libya president barack obama defended the wort. >> in this particular country, libya, at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability t
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to powerful tools attracting the attention of corporate america. >> it is part of the shop for parents, part plays down for kids -- play zone for kids. it is relying in part, says its owner, on word of mouth. >> it can help grow your business and develop it. >> when it comes to word-of- mouth marketing, there's probably nothing more honest -- >> you should be marketing the brand name. >> or more powerful than a group of mothers. they are the new face of marketing. >> i blog at every >> many of them have degrees. they all have a lot to say. been blogging for 10 years in june. >> they write about their families -- >> i would not be a mom blogger without a little girl. >> but they also right about everything from fashion to food. they got a lot of free products to repeat and attention from corporations like disney-mgm. -- disney and gm. >> i get to drive the camaro for a weekend. >> when people think of mom blogs, they think of diapers and cleaning products, but it is not just that. there are like to repress that i'm contacted by -- luxury brands that i'm contacted by. >> this busi
. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell suggested president obama is not serious about solving america's fiscal problems. >> i hope i'm wrong about all this, but all the signs point toward -- point toward an action on the part of the white house, and in my view, this would be a tragic failure. >> the white house says the sides are much closer than the numbers suggest and democrats are hoping failed votes on the budget will push lawmakers toward a bipartisan agreement. >> if we find that common ground, we can get that long- term resolution and move onto some of these other big issues. >> last week, congress passed a temporary bill to fund the federal government for two more weeks to march 18. >> if you fight hot flashes, some relief could come in the form of a needle. we will explain. plus, your plant and garden questions today. e-mail your questions to us. up next, it has the makings of the inner harbor renaissance of the 1980's. lead investigative reporter jane miller takes a closer look in the >> oprah one on one with former president george w. bush. oprah: been a long time. >> where
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8